Pink DVF Dress

I almost forgot about this outfit! I wore it for christening of my boyfriend´s little nephew Victor. I better took two overcoats – a warm one for the church ceremony and a light jacket for sunny outside. Na tenhle outfit jsem málem zapomněla… Asi před měsícem jsem si ho vzala na křtiny malého Victora, synovce […]


  I realize that the size of my closet goes beyond the resolution of an average heterosexual man. My boyfriend, for example. When he sees me dressed up, his reaction in 50% of cases is “New again?”. Even if he has already (and provably) seen that clothes many times. Just a little alteration or different accessories […]

Gold Sequin Dress

Hi guys, sorry for the today´s post in Czech! I just have no time to write more today. Hope you like the outfit anyway. It´s one of my fav party dresses! 🙂 Až mi zas někdo bude vykládat, že Čechy jsou blbákov, kde vůbec nic nefunguje, zrovna ho praštím kabelkou (je fakt těžká) a po […]

A Flowerbed

I really dig this dress from Zara (and I do so despite my suspicion that it makes me look like a spring flowerbed)… 🙂 Tyhle šaty ze Zary nosím moc ráda, a to i navzdory podezření, že v nich vypadám jako jarní záhon. 🙂   Dress:      Zara Shoes:      Mango Sunglasses: Chanel Coat:       Zara Bracelet:   Balenciaga

Horses in the Park

The weather has been really wonderful this week, such a beautiful warm spring has come to Belgium. Which also means that it´s finally time to put on my new silk horse skirt from a Belgian designer Sarah Josis, which was hanging in my closet and waiting for its moment since January. V Belgii se tenhle […]

Dots, Hearts, Houndstooth

Black and white – what a timeless and elegant combination! In this outfit I decided to spice it up a little with three different patterns – polka dots, houndstooth and hearts on the bag… Happy Valentine´s Day everyone! 🙂 Tak nějak se mi zachtělo klasické elegance… Nesmrtelnou kombinaci černé a bílé jsem tentokrát zvolila u […]

Overknee Socks

I discovered overknee socks in the second grade of primary school and have loved them ever since. I admit they are somewhat (OK, totally!) incompatible with the business dress code so I would never ever wear them to work, anyway I´m not ready yet to give them up for leisure time. 🙂 Pro nadkolenky mám infantilní slabost […]

Plaid Flannel Dress

So, I went through my wardrobe and this is the result – an outfit entirely made out of old pieces I´ve re-discovered. Well except of the boots, those are from this season. I got this dress in H&M in Prague at least seven years ago, the jacket is about five years old and this bag […]

Lace Back

Hi guys, I´m still in Prague but wanna show you this outfit I shot in Brussels last week in front of an amazing art-nouveau house. I´ve been quite busy recently and now I´m late with posting outfits! It´s an all-black outfit with a simple silhouette where all the focus is on details – a lace back […]

Around the Town

This is my outfit from last week, I was running around the town in Sam Edelman´s “Porter” booties. I´m trying to enjoy the last “bare-legs” days of this lovely Indian summer as much as I can! Now I´m at the airport waiting for my flight to Prague. Have a great day everyone! 🙂Tohle je můj […]

River Island Plaid Shirt

It´s funny how giant I look in the first picture… It reminds me Sgt. Hightower haha (from Police Academy, do you remember?). You could have already seen this plaid shirt a couple of times, last time I wore it as a dress (see here). Now I´ve tried to tie it at waist. Musela jsem se […]

Zara Skort

During the summer, I have been seeing this skort from Zara on most of the fashion bloggers I know. I liked it but decided to get one only now, in the end of the summer. How original… What a trend-catcher I am. :-)))Tyhle sukňokraťasy ze Zary nosila celé léto snad polovina módních blogerek, co znám. Taky se mi […]

Birthday Girl

Today I’m celebrating my birthday in outfit à la Michael Jackson… 🙂 Své dnešní narozeniny oslavím v outfitu à la Michael Jackson… 🙂 Blazer:     Zara Top:        H&M Jeans:      Mango Shoes:      Kat Maconie (from Sunglasses: Chanel Bag:        Furla Watch:      Lacoste (my grandpa’s) Necklace:   H&M

Floral Pencil Skirt

Wearing a pencil skirt with velvet floral ornaments from Guess that I´ve just got in sales…  Můj úlovek ze slev – úzká sukně Guess se sametovým květinovým ornamentem…  Skirt:      GuessTop:        ZaraShoes:      Christian LouboutinBag:        FurlaEarrings:   Forever 21Sunglasses: Chanel

Swirlin´ Twirlin´

Another outfit with my orange midi circle skirt…. Which combination do you prefer, this one or theprevious one? Další variace na oranžovou kolovou sukni… Líbí se vám víc tahle kombinace nebo taminulá? Skirt:        ASOS Shoes:        New Look Top:          H&M Bow bracelet: Gift from my friend Bracelets:    Sal Y Limon Sunglasses:   Chanel Earrings:     H&M