So Retro

Finally I´m gonna catch up with the blog! Past two weeks have been pretty hectic, I went to Prague for my graduation ceremony (soon I´ll show you photos!), and as always, I had a very busy schedule in Czech, it´s never a real vacation for me. 🙂 And most importantly, I brought something absolutely AMAZING with […]

Purple, Black and Turquoise

  According to my boyfriend, these turquoise gloves look like the rubber gloves for washing the dishes… I keep calm… 😀 Podle mého přítele tyhle tyrkysové rukavice vypadají jako ty gumové na mytí nádobí… Já se nebudu rozčilovat… 😀   Hat:      H&M Sweater:  Samarang Shorts:   Camaieu Shoes:    New Look Earrings: from my friend […]

Jimmy Choos for a Dinner

One of my recently favourite outfits – a loose-fitting top, shorts and flats (I´m somehow lazy to wear heels these days). It´s possible to wear this in so many variants! In this case, I opted for a simple black and white combination where my favourite leopard loafers from Jimmy Choo played the leading role.By the […]