Relax in Babylon

Když jedete na hory a poněkud nevychytáte předpověď, wellness hotel je dobré řešení (wellness je v podstatě vždycky dobré řešení). Takže jsem nakonec celý víkend místo lyží příjemně proflákala ve WELLNESS HOTELU BABYLON v bazénu, babylónském saunovém světě, na masážích tak. Nudit se tu asi nejde, kromě vychytaného wellness nabízí CENTRUM BABYLON také obrovský Aquapark, […]

Aphrodite’s Rock

Wearing a glamorous jumpsuit from BASE above the rock Petra tou Romiou, the birthplace of the goddess Aphrodite, in Cyprus. Jumpsuit: BASE Sandals: Mango Shades: Chanel Bracelet: Sal Y Limon

Antwerp Zuiderterras

  From a trip to Antwerp…     Trenchcoat: Burberry Jeans: Levi´s Sweater: NKO Cashmeer  

Paris J´Adore

A few more beauty-shots from Paris… 🙂 Ještě pár pařížských portrétů… 🙂 Pearl earrings: Leola Coat: & Other Stories  

Printemps à Paris

From my last trip to Paris… Z posledního výletu do Paříže… Faux fur coat: & Other Stories Skirt: COS T-shirt & leather gloves: H&M Bag: Alexander Wang Pearl bracelet & earrings: Leola Watch: DKNY Shoes: Cristofoli    

By the Opéra de Paris

Faux fur coat, hat: & Other Stories Dress: United Colours of Benetton Shoes: New Look Bag: Furla Watch: DKNY

Green Mini

Coat: Tommy Hilfiger Skirt: Mango Bag: Furla Sweater: COS Watch: DKNY Earrings: Leola  

Marianske Lazne

  Dress: Pinko Shoes: Zara Bag: Furla Sunglasses: Chanel    

From Cyprus

With delay, here are some pictures from beautiful holidays in Cyprus. I když se zpožděním, konečně jsem dostala k tomu, abych pro blog vybrala pár fotek z letošní dovolené na Kypru.   Petra tou Romiou – Aphrodite’s Rock… Místo, kde se podle pověsti zrodila bohyně Afrodíté… A message in a bottle… Vzkaz v láhvi… The […]

By the Scheldt

How lovely is Antwerp during winter time! Actually any time… I spent a year there and let´s face it, I have a big crush on this city. 🙂 I made these shots on the banks of the river Scheldt, catching a glimpse of the setting sun… What do you think of my slightly androgynous muffled-up […]

Christmas Time in Prague

In Café Imperial / “U Pohlreicha” 🙂 OK, I´m in trouble now… But despite my granny´s strict ban I just cannot resist to upload photos with her, they´re too nice! 🙂  I went to Czech for Christmas and spent really nice time with my family and friends there. And with my dear grandma we took […]

Stockholm II

  Besides the Stockholm old town, I went to see Vasa, a giant Swedish warship built in 17th century. Its construction nearly ruined the Swedish royal treasury and then it sank during its first voyage just after leaving the port.  I also visited Skansen, the first open-air museum in Sweden. It´s a truly magical place […]

Stockholm I

Hi guys, how do you spend the pre-Christmas time? I went for a little trip to Stockholm and let me tell you it was amazing! Stockholm is such a lovely city and looks even more beautiful now with all the Christmas decorations.  From the pictures you might get an impression that I was going out only at […]

London II

We all have our own preferences but when it comes to shopping, London is my favourite. In the field of high fashion, the Parisian ‘Golden Triangle’ surely is a tough competition, and the same applies to Brera in Milan. But in terms of street fashion, London wins the game for me. I started my London shopping spree […]

London I

It took me a while, but finally here is my new post, this time from a trip to London. Unfortunately I did not enjoy London as much as I planned cause I left Brussels with a cold which got much worse. 🙁 Well at least I have a good reason to visit London again soon, moreover […]