Let´s go for a non-fashion topic today… For the record, I´m  by far not an experienced parachutist (yet) but really adore this sport… 🙂 Dnes mám pro vás pár poněkud nemódních volnočasových fotek. O co méně seskoků mám za sebou, o to raději se s nimi pochlubím… 🙂

Merry Christmas Everyone!

  Photo by Google Images

Graduation Ceremony

Finally, I put together photos of my graduation, when I became Doctor in Law. Such a happy day, spent with my dearest ones… Once again, my big thanks for coming! 🙂 Konečně jsem dala dohromady fotky z mé letošní promoce, kdy jsem v Karolinu byla promována doktorkou práv. Byl to krásný den, ještě jednou děkuji všem mým […]


Birthday Girl

I don´t wanna brag but it´s MY BIRTHDAY today! 🙂 Nechci se vytahovat, ale dnes mám narozeniny! 🙂   Photo: Josef Hoffmann Hair&Makeup: Stepanka Kotalova Styling: Romana Antoninova Lights&Idea: Vaclav Sirc      


Hi from Maurice

In case you´re interested how´s Maurice doing, he says hi and greets you all. 🙂 You´ve probably noticed that he has grown up a lot, well it´s no surprise when this 11 months old kitten has an appetite of a German shepherd, as I always say. 🙂 He is a super cuddly darling which wants […]

Welcome to new Klara´s Point!

Welcome to new Klara´s Point! After a long process of preparation, here it is, my own website. Simple, elegant and well-structured, just the way I wanted it to be. I was thinking that the revelation of the new blog deserves a special outfit. I got this dress recently in Prague, it´s from a Czech brand […]

Cat “Model” :-)

  Beauty isn´t everything, and it seems that our darling Maurice simply doesn´t have what it takes to be a good model. :-))) Obviously he is NOT strong in posing, and yesterday when my friend and photographer came, Maurice better hid himself above the cupboard. Not a fan of strangers… 🙂 Náš milovaný kocour je […]