Although I don´t make any New-Year´s resolutions, there´s one thing about myself I´d like to generally improve, let´s call it a whole-year intention/wish. So, I´d like to manage my time more efficiently, get rid of my backlogs and, of course, stop procrastinating. Well let´s see how it goes. 🙂 I´ve started with going through all […]

Sarah Josis & Studio 53

  Today I´m going to show you pictures and a video of a project I took part in and couldn´t wait to tell you about… I was a model for a collection and fashion show SS 2013 of a very talented young fashion designer and my friend Sarah Josis. In a cool Studio 53 in […]

This Is It

This is exactly what I would like to wear today – a bright colourful outfit for a good autumn mood. But as I´m having a cold, I´m staying in bed with a million of handkerchieves around me instead.  The weather is a difficult part of living in Belgium and this “flu” autumn season is the […]


It seems like the main topic of my blog is weather and not fashion… Once you live in Belgium (or U.K., the Netherlands or something of this kind), weather becomes the main issue as it is permanently dreadful. So, I can´t take any outdoor pictures because of rainy weather. To be fair, also because I have […]

Many Points

My favourite dotted dress matching with the blog background… As an ultimate cats lover I have to call your attention to the photographer´s kitten on the third picture! 🙂  Moje oblíbené puntíkaté šaty, ladí s pozadím blogu…  Jako naprostý kočkomaniak vás nemůžu neupozornit na koťátko fotografky na třetí fotce! 🙂  Photo by Milada Fiserova Dress: […]